Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bullfrogs and Butterflies

What will it look like to see the earth renewed and to hear the heavens rejoice? Right now, we are told that all creation is groaning and longing for Jesus' return. The Bible also says that when He does everything that has breath will praise the Him. I heard a sermon the other day where the person made it very clear that not everything that has breath is human and not everything that breathes, breathes oxygen (so all the deep sea creatures and plants are included). Scripture is clear EVERYTHING will praise the Lord. Now does this mean that I think my pet fish Max might all of a sudden start singing worship songs in English, NO, but it does make me wonder if C.S. Lewis was onto something with his Narnia books. And what about in Hinds Feet in High Places, where Much Afraid's ears are opened up and she can hear the hymns of the flowers, birds and river? It is fun to imagine what it will look like to see trees clap their hands. What will it sound like to hear the stars in the heavens sing? Most importantly, it makes me think of what God must really be like to take delight in the sounds of a whale singing praises to His name. The wonder that He finds pleasure in all of this. Even more fascinating is that more than hearing the rocks cry out his name, seeing the mountains and hills skip for joy, He delights in MY voice. He longs to see MY face. His joy and delight is in a weak, fragile human that came from dust, and unless the Lord returns first, will go back to dust. Amazing.

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April said...

I don't know if I'm allowed to comment yet ;-) But thanks so much for sharing these thoughts Lanney. Love it. ♥