Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A few weeks ago at SHOP I had asked God to reveal something of Himself to me.  I asked Him to give me revelation of part of His heart. I didn't choose the part. I didn't say or ask, "Show me your__________" and you can fill in the blanks. I just asked Him what He would like to reveal to me, then I waited.  

I don't know why, but, I was a little surprised at what I heard.  What I felt He was saying was, "I-Am-the-God-who-makes-friends-of-my-enemies."  It was just a simple, quiet declaration.  I had to think on it a moment.  It is a bit of an awkward statement.  It's meaning was almost missed.  Then I realized that this was a statement of God's heart for reconciliation.  It was a declaration of His ability to create relationship where none exists. It was a reminder of the lengths God has gone to, to claim the ones He loves. To bring about the relationship He desires, not because He is needy but because He is a God of Love.  

God does  not have a bad case of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". God is One who is holy and righteous and has chosen to set His affections on sinful, weak and broken humans.  He has so set His affections on us that He sent His son Jesus to be beaten beyond recognition, nailed to a cross, put in a grave for three days and then triumphantly raised Him from the dead and promise His return to us.

All of this to win the love of a sinful human who 17 years ago, when the Holy Spirit first pierced my heart with this revelation, didn't give Him a second thought. And if I did, it was to curse His name or make a joke. But He won me, He caused me to turn. He took something from nothing and created a relationship.  He took unrepentant heart and caused it to bow before Him. When I should have received hell and death, He gave me Love and life everlasting; Jesus gave me Himself. He reconciled me unto Himself and has continued to refine, purify and grow that relationship.  I use to be His enemy, but He has made me His friend.       


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