Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The little things...

Yesterday I spent a great day up in the Whiteshell with a good friend. It was a day for wandering and laughing and talking about life and what God was revealing to our hearts and being silent. It was a day of reveling in God's creation and enjoying the beauty around us. It was a day for hoping.

As we were finishing our hike, I mentioned to my friend that it would be really cool to see some animals. I didn't want us to be in any sort of danger but I thought it would be great to see something...

She asked me to be specific about what animals I would like to see. I stated again, that I wouldn't want to be in danger but it would be cool to see a bear. I listed a couple of other animals and then said, "I would really like to see a fox." I don't know why I felt so strongly about it, they are kind of cute in their own way...so I said a very off the cuff prayer asking Jesus to let me at least see a fox.

We were coming closer to the end of our wanderings and I heard something in the bush. I stopped to look and see if I could see what was making the noise. As I looked the animal stood up looked at me then took off in the opposite direction from what we were walking. It was a BEAR! That was pretty cool, but again remember I didn't want us in danger, so we walked quickly to finish our hike and get to the car.

After that we drove to a picnic spot to make supper and enjoyed a feast cooked over a fire. Then as the day came to a close we drove on a bit more then decided to stop at a beach and watch the sun set. As we were talking my friend noticed an animal in front of us a little closer to the water. When I looked I saw it was a FOX!! I was so super excited, I couldn't believe I was seeing one. It ran right past us, stopped, turned around and looked at us for a minute then kept running.

I was over the moon at seeing that little creature because I knew that God had heard and answered my prayer. My silly little prayer that was said with out much thought about something so small as wanting to see a fox, He heard and answered. He also heard my ramblings about which other animals I wanted to see and even though I didn't directly ask to see a bear, He threw that one in as well. I think Abba was just having some fun and told Holy Spirit to let me see the bear.

What an encouragement to me to keep pressing on in prayer, especially when during this last season it has felt dry and like no one is listening to my prayers. What a way to break through that lie and to encourage my heart to press on.  Our Abba is so good and kind to us. He does hear each and every prayer whether they are whispered, sighed, cried, laughed, mumbled or shouted. And He does answer each of them, whether or not it looks exactly how we thought.

And what a great reminder to my heart that He really does care about the little things of my life. The little hopes and dreams and the silly things like wanting to see a fox. I was reminded again that Abba is a good, good papa who is totally 100% invested in all areas of my life and His desire is for me.

It caused my heart to stir and to want to draw even closer to Him again. It stirred a longing for more. To know at a deeper more intimate level this one who is so high and lofty yet who would stoop low just to surprise and delight me by answering my little prayer to see a fox.

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