Monday, September 2, 2013

A bend in the road

Well, I have come to another bend in the road or train tracks as the case may be. This transition has felt long and then very, very quick. For months it felt like everything was saying. "wait for it, wait for it, just wait for it..." and then all of a sudden BAM! it came and happened.

I am traveling an old yet new road. I have come back to my hometown. I am surrounded by familiar faces of friends and family but there is also a lot of new. I am back to sharing a house with roommates for a season. I didn't meet these girls until the day I moved in. So we are just getting to know each other. I am heading back to school to a brand new program. As far as I know I do not know any of the people I am going to be in class with. I have a sneaking suspicion though that one of my instructors is the mother of a boy I went to elementary school with. There are some familiar faces at church but there are a lot of new people whom I have never met before.

I have had a lot of people ask me how I have felt during this transition and it has been a hard question to answer. I have felt like I have felt every emotion possible and all of them very intensely.  I have felt grief over leaving friends who have really become family behind even though I know I will see them again. I have felt anxiousness over if I have made the right decision or if I just should have stayed where I was. I have felt anticipation/excitement/fear/panic as look ahead to really what is a lot of unknown. And I have tried not to spend to much time trying to figure out what this new season is going to bring and just take things as they come.  I am so very thankful that now as my move is finished and I am slowly unpacking and I have had two really good nights of sleep, I feel peace. I feel God's presence with me. I still don't have all my questions answered but I have peace and hope and I know that He is with me.

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