Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 1 - Picture of me and 15 facts

Not a close up, but that really is me and it is me when I had longer hair.This is a picture of me on the wall of a old fort ruin in South Korea.

OK, 15 facts in no particular order:
1. My favorite colours are green and grey.
2. My favorite books of the Bible are Hosea and John.
3. In kindergarten I beat up a boy for making fun of a friend of mine that stuttered.
4. One year at teen camp I threw up after a challenge to see who could drink a coke and eat a banana the fastest.  I won...but the results of my actions reduced the glory of that fact.
5. When I was little I wanted to be an acrobat.
6. I am called to be an intercessor.
7. I love the smell after it rains.
8. My favorite place to be is anywhere near rocks, trees, a lake, mountains, the ocean, or wide open spaces.
9. I am a bookworm and really enjoy reading.
10. I have lived in 18 different places and in 3 different countries (Most of those places were in Brandon or Winnipeg). Also, I have traveled to 4 other countries then the ones I have lived in.
11. I talk in my sleep.
12. I really enjoy gardening.
13. When I was little my uncles used to call me Lanny McDonald (and no, I will not answer to that name now)
14. In high school my closest friend and I used to skip class to go dancing in parking lots. We would dance to Great Big Sea and Ashley MacIsaac. (For those still in school who maybe reading this - I am not endorsing this type of behaviour...just stating something I used to do :-) )
15. I really do believe Jesus is returning. And I know that whatever I find my self doing in life, I am first and foremost called to love Him with my whole heart, mind and strength.

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