Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 23: A picture of your favorite book

Asking a bookworm like me, to show one picture of a book is just cruel and unusual punishment. So, Instead of showing you EVERY book on my bookshelf, I will show you the ones I keep coming back to over and over.

The Bible is my first and foremost favorite. Especially the Gospel According to John. I love the life I have been getting from reading scripture lately. 

This was a favorite when I was little. I asked my mom to read it so much that she had to tape it because the spine broke.

This is an autobiography written by a couple who spent 14 months up in remote Northern B.C. and built their own cabin.  I have always kind of liked the idea of an adventure like this.

This is my favorite Narnia book.  I love the depiction of Aslan's land after the battle. "Farther up and Farther in!"

Both the Heavenly Man and The Hiding Place are stories that challenge and encourage me in how I live and how I view God.

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