Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Interupting your regularly scheduled program...

Here is a random though in the flow of pictures I have be putting on here to share bits and pieces of my life.  I was at a prayer meeting tonight and my heart was so encouraged by one line of a song we sang. It is a Luke Wood song and the line goes like this: 
"All man's empty promises lay broken at Your feet; but You have never broken one."  
I could have sang that line for hours and maybe I will some day.  What really encouraged me was the second half of the line.  He has never broken one promise.  Usually I would look at the first half and think of all the times I have failed to fulfill to the fullest measure some grandiose promise I made to the Lord, in a moment of heightened emotion, or even out of my own flesh. My reaction to that reflection would be, "Oh man, I blew it again. When will I ever get it together." But tonight my heart was captured by the only One who has never made a promise that He can't or won't fulfill.  I was reminded again that He said He would bring me through all the waters and the fire. That He would bring me to the place where I would stand pure and spotless before Him.  I was even captured by just how gracious He is towards me.  He looks past all the times I said "Lord, I am going to show you how much I love you by ______________" Or "I am going to do this or that" and then fall flat on my face.  He sees the heart that even in weakness loves Him and He delights in that heart.  Even though I haven't been able to keep all my pledges to Him, He says, I will be faithful to her heart. I will show her that I will keep my word. I will be tender towards her and bring her to the place where she rests in me.  
As I gazed on Jesus, who's every word is yes and amen, thankfulness rose in my heart. I am so thankful that my life in all seasons rests in the surety of His word and promises.   

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