Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heatwave and other things...

Well, Summer is in full swing and the temperature is rising!! Yes, I say that with glee.  I love these hot days of summer.  The days where you move slow, eat lots of fruit and curl up in front of a fan with iced tea and a good book.  

Summer has been fun and busy so far.  I was a way for a leadership training for work, during the first week of July at this place:
Picture courtesy of Google.
We had a fabulous week of hot sunny blue skied days that would cool off in the evening.  The teaching, worship and small group times were amazing.  I loved meeting so many new people and getting to know some old acquaintances better.  It was a week to go deep in the knowledge of our identity in Christ and in knowing who He is. The funnest part, the dancing!! The celebration and freedom in worship, it was so fun to just go wild and enjoy the presence of God that way!!
After the training was finished I went to Banff for the day with Jules.  I wish I could show pictures, but my computer can't hold them right now.  :-( It was a beautiful day to walk around and to visit the best candy store in the world :-)  I haven't found one better, so in my opinion I am not exaggerating.

The rest of this summer just includes enjoying those books and iced tea, working and planning for the fall and next spring, hopefully heading to Brandon and Rapid City for a visit, waiting for our veggies in the garden to grow so we can enjoy them, getting out to some of the festivals that happen here in the 'Peg each summer and of course running hard with the crew at SHOP.  

Hope you all are enjoying this heat and staying cool!

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