Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey there!

I have dropped the ball again on posting here. Life just being busy and the fact that the mother board on my laptop blew up have something to do with it. But also, I just haven't been giving a lot of time to writing down, creatively or otherwise all the things going through my head or what God has been revealing to me. 

I do have a few moments to say hi, so hi.

I was challenged the other day to think about writing again.  Not just stating matter of factually what I am thinking but challenged to push myself to express it creatively whether it is in essay, journal, story or poem format.  I still might not be on here as regularly as I would like to be for the next while but you should start seeing some hints of my existence again. :-)

You might be asking what is new.  So here is a quick list:

  •  I have been taking modern dance lessons at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and have loved every minute of it. We just had our dance recital this weekend. I haven't done anything like that since high school. It was a lot of work and tiring but SO much fun! 
  • I moved into my own apartment in December. It is a season I felt the Holy Spirit leading me into and have learned a lot from this transition. 
  • I am still working the same job but I have different opportunities that have been coming up that get me away from the desk. Most of those opportunities have involved speaking to and teaching different groups on different topics.  This has really been a stretch for me as public speaking hasn't been my forte. But Holy Spirit is giving me the grace to do it.  My favorite break through moment was when one time I was just about to get up and speak, I was feeling a little nervous and I had one of those light bulb or Ah Ha! moments where I realized that God was with me as I spoke and the people who I was going to be standing in front of were just that, people, and were no different from me.  
As for what is going on in my heart; God is speaking to me a lot about compassion and mercy and justice issues again. I have been meditating a lot on the cross lately. It is a place I come back to over and over again. I have also been enjoying His presence, knowing that Holy Spirit is with me where ever I am and working that muscle of finding Him in the every day "small stuff" of daily life.

If you still check this blog out here is hoping another post will soon follow this one!  


Bryan said...

You're Alive!!!!! I for one am looking forward to more posts.

April said...

Always nice to hear your thoughts, and what you are up to. :-)

Melissa Sanderson said...

LANNEY!!!! Oh i love this post, so good to hear what's going on in life. also that is SO cool that you just had a recitle! i would of loved to come :) miss you and love you lady!

Magdalena Daley said...

Go Lanney! Good to hear from you!