Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today *ahem - yesterday (as it is now after midnight) was my birthday and while it might have looked somewhat uneventful, I have already had about 4 days of celebration.  My mom came to Winnipeg on the weekend. Friday we went and got pedicures, watched "The King's Speech" (which is actually really good - I don't usually pay attention to all that Oscar hype - but I did enjoy this one) and went out for supper. The rest of the weekend was way more low key and we stayed close to home but it was good to have her here for a visit.  Monday my roommates gave me flowers and birthday cards.

Last night Jules made me fabulous dinner of BBQ ribs and potato wedges for my birthday before we both had to run out the door for scheduled meetings. I also received many texts and messages via the interwebs.

I had a friend that said they hoped the year was full of surprises and I would say that is what I would like the most. Over supper, my roommates were asking the questions, "what did you like best of the past year" and "what are you hoping for/looking forward to the most this next year."  I thought of a couple of things I am hoping for right on the spot. Some I thought of after but it was kind of hard. Not because I have a pessimistic view of what this next year is going to bring but because I wasn't sure what I would want.  Again, I have a couple of ideas of what I would like to see happen, but mostly, I would just like to be surprised. I would like things that I thought would never happen, happen; whether they are big or small.  I would like the statement of this next year to be "Oh wow!" and to be in awe at what God will do.

I have to say though, I have come up to this birthday and spent today being very thankful and remembering all the good things Father has done. The blessings He has given me.  It really is good.


Neisty said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lanney! Glad to hear you had a great birthday, and hope you have an amazing year!

Christina said...

Amen to being surprised and wowed by the goodness of God in your life!! I'm agreeing with you babe!

Christina said...

p.s. I LOVE the decor on your blog! So great!