Monday, January 10, 2011

Bleak Midwinter

Well, we are headed to the middle of January which is the hardest part of winter.  It is the -40 time of the season. Here in Winnipeg we have started to hit some of the coldest days we have had all winter and it isn't as cold as it can get yet. But even still I am starting to find my good attitude about winter waning a little.  So, it is time for another list of things that I am enjoying/looking forward to in the hopes that it will help me keep a good attitude! 

* My birthday is in 16 days (hint!hint! - heehee :) )
* My roommates and I have been too busy too take down our Christmas tree so I still get to enjoy it!
* We have already had about 12 weeks of winter so that means hopefully only about 10 more. Which means Spring is almost here!
* Having my mom come to the city next week and going for pedicures!
* Laughing, lots and lots of laughing going on with my roommates and I.  Good long, hard laughs that make you cry.  I love those!
* Getting together with Alison this week!
*The set I prayer lead at SHOP...I really like digging in and seeking God with these guys and gals. 
*The snow.  I really do like snow.  Just wish I had some skates so I could learn to ice skate again. 
*My new blue boots and newsboy hat.
*Spicy hot chocolate (hot chocolate with mild chili, allspice and black pepper in it) - trust me SOOOOO good. Much better than regular hot chocolate, though I will never turn down a mug of regular hot chocolate.
*Did I mention we are are over the halfway point for winter so Spring should be coming!! :)

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